Ted Johnston, The Surprising God Blog
"I particularly appreciate Rau's humility and, to the extent possible, his objectivity."

This is far more than a review. It is rather an 8 part summary of the book, with theological commentary. I highly recommend it.
Among other very pertinent comments, Johnston writes:
"The Triune God revealed to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ is one who has been and continues to be involved with his creation in the most intimate, personal way. However, in his grace, God does not, through his involvement, dictate all that happens to his creation as though he was a puppeteer manipulating his marionette. Rather, in love and for love (real relationship), God grants his creation (humankind included) freedom to develop--or in the words of science (which need unpacking), freedom to evolve. This freedom to be and to become does not exist apart from God, and thus is said by theologians to be "contingent freedom" (more about that in later posts as this series unfolds)."
Read the first of the eight parts, with links to the others, here: