Jonathan Merritt interviewed Gerald Rau in Religion News:

JM: Why does this matter? What's the importance of figuring out the Earth's and humanity's origin?

GR: One of the main reasons it is important to study this issue is that our understanding of the origin of earth and humans is intimately connected to our understanding of the Bible and how God relates to his creation. If our position in all of those areas is not logically consistent and intellectually defensible, how can we expect to convince others that Christ is the truth? We owe it to ourselves and others to do whatever is necessary to know why we hold a particular interpretation, both of the scientific evidence and of the Bible, rather than merely accepting it because it the church we grew up in taught a certain thing. Many young people from the churches go off to college and don't really know what they believe or why, so they are easily led away from the faith. In today's society, with its emphasis on science and technology, it is important that the scientific evidence be considered along with the Bible, both for our sake and to be able to communicate with those around us.


Jonathan Merritt, is senior columnist for Religion News Service and author of Jesus is Better than you Imagined and Green Like God.

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