Mapping has been reviewed from many different perspectives. Below you will find all the reviews I have seen. I have not looked at all of the various bookseller sites, so I am sure there are more. The most recent reviews I have seen are added to the top. Just below that are several that I found particularly useful (Apologetics 315, Colossians Forum, Armstrong, Duffy, LePeau). There are reviews from theologians, evangelical (McKnight), and anti-evangelical (LePort), philosophers (Gould), and scientists (Lewis). It has received positive reviews from naturalistic science organizations (NSTA), and at the other end from proponents of old earth (RTB) and young earth creation (Talbot).

In addition to many reviews from the US, there some from England (Garner), Scotland (Fraser), Australia (Vox Reformata) and even one in Dutch (Cultuurshock). Some reviews have included criticism, which I have responded to, in some cases largely agreeing (Claiborne, Travis), in others disagreeing (NCSE, Byl, James), but in all cases thankful for the chance to clarify my position or statements.

In this section you will also find other online discussions about the book that go beyond the strict definition of review, including the seven part series by RJS (with my responses to his critiques) and an interview with Merritt.

It has been gratifying that of all the reviews on (Amazon) the lowest rating I have gotten by anyone who actually read the book was a 4 – an amazing feat for a book in this controversial field.

(All quotes from reviews are copied 'as is' without correction of grammar or spelling.)