G. Kyle Essary, Review on Apologetics 315

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"The book masterfully serves as an introduction to both scientific explanation and worldview analysis to show how we make inferences from the same evidence based on our underlying non-scientific perspectives."

"In the future, whenever I teach on science/faith issues, this will be required reading."


Essary's review is one of the most thoughtful I have read, perhaps because in his personal journey he has traversed the whole spectrum of opinion on the issue of origins. He also recognizes the limitations of Mapping:

Of course, for the sake of brevity, the discussions are not comprehensive. Considering that he assesses philosophy, science, theology and literature all through these lenses, it would be hard to imagine a comprehensive discussion of each fitting within one book. This is not his intention though. His intention is to show the underlying perspectives that affect our inferences from the data and our overall worldview.

His discussion of the last two chapters of the book is an excellent summary of some of the issues involved. He concludes:

I highly recommend this book. Along with many readers of Apologetics315, I've read literally hundreds of books and articles on this topic. Some of the books get old as they merely restate things we've read many times before. This book was refreshing in that it did something different from most books on offer. As someone who focuses on Old Testament studies, these topics arise often. In the future, whenever I teach on science/faith issues, this will be required reading.

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