Lori Wilson, Project Coordinator for The Colossian Forum on Faith, Science and Culture

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"This book is a significant resource for those who share TCF's desire to engage in charitable dialogue about contentious issues. The framework – understanding the perspectives that frame our scientific conclusions – helps set the stage for gracious discussions. The information it lays out is a helpful introduction to the relevant scientific considerations. Most especially, the author's respectful tone effectively models the presentation of opposing perspectives with charity and respect."


Wilson also makes the following comments:

Author Gerald Rau takes on the daunting challenge of charting a comprehensive overview, informed by his training in genetics, education, and philosophy of science. This broad range of experience allows Rau to approach the debate from multiple perspectives, thereby offering the reader a variety of entry points to a necessarily complex subject matter.

Rau's intent here is not to minimize or relativize the scientific process. Instead, his goal is to map the evidence – and our accompanying assumptions – in such a way that might lead to fruitful dialogue...

We are, in a sense, each playing well by the rules – but unfortunately, it's the rules we can't seem to agree on.

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