Raymond J. Lewis, Associate Professor of Biology, Wheaton College

"It provides a great starting point for further study or discussion, something which I have already used in the context of teaching, by using this book with biology majors at Wheaton College."


In this review, in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (PSCF), the journal of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) (65 (3): 209-210, September 2013), Lewis expands on this saying:

Rau is careful to distinguish between evidence and inference, which is a distinction that is often lost in arguments over origins issues. Again, this is a very useful way in which to discern positions, since often evidence and inference are conflated, especially when arguing for one position over others. ...

His multi-model approach helps to illuminate the gaps of knowledge that some might try to plug with unquestioned answers. ...

Rau makes some real contributions to the origins topic by engaging the topics of metaphysics and epistemology in the nature of science. This is helpful for the general reader, and could be strengthened by scholars specializing in these areas.

The full review is found on p. 209-210 of the pdf available from: