Thousands of books have been written on evolution and creation, so how is this one different and why should you read it? Most authors try to convince readers that their position is correct. A few books present a dialogue between proponents of three or four views. Many attack a single aspect of another position without presenting a comprehensive scientific model with better explanatory power. The diversity of approaches and failure to state axiomatic assumptions makes it difficult for the novice reader to understand, much less evaluate, the arguments. This book presents the full range of possible models, and demonstrates how our religious and philosophical presuppositions, rather than the evidence, dictate our preference.

Currently there are at least six major classes of models explaining the origin of the universe, life, species, and humans, but few people can clearly describe more than two or three of them. In this book you will find an overview of the models, the evidence that each uses to justify their position, and what data each refuses to allow as evidence and why. As much as humanly possible, I will try to present each of the positions objectively, using neutral language, in order to give the reader a chance to evaluate the arguments in the absence of rhetoric, positive or negative. I will also argue that each, viewing the evidence from a different perspective, sheds important light on the subject.

From the Preface to Mapping the Origins Debate