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Dr. Gerald Rau has taught biology and related subjects for over 20 years at the college, high school and middle school levels. After getting his Ph.D. in plant breeding from Cornell University in 1989, with minors in vegetable crops and international agriculture, he moved to Taiwan with his wife and children in 1992.

In 1994 he was hired as the only science teacher at Lincoln American School, a recently established international school later renamed the American School in Taichung. During the next 13 years he taught every area of science at some point, including middle school integrated science, high school biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, environmental science, kitchen science, AP statistics and AP biology, along with various elective, seminar and ESL classes. He also served as the science coordinator, high school coordinator, accreditation coordinator, school scheduler, and assisted with administrative functions when the school was without a director.

His broad teaching experience led to an interest in the nature of science, as he noted how scientific research is conducted and reported in different fields, and provided a foundation for understanding the various arguments related to origins. He returned to the US in 2007 to do a Masters in Science Education at the University of Michigan, specializing in the nature of science. From 2008 to 2010 he served as adjunct professor of biology at Wheaton College and Trinity Christian College in Illinois, teaching introductory classes and labs for majors and non-majors.

Currently he is writing and speaking on the subject of origins, particularly human origins. Starting in spring 2016 he will be serving as adjunct professor in the Electrical Engineering department at National Chung Chung University in Chiayi, Taiwan, teaching courses in engineering writing.  For several years he was the owner and chief editor of Professional English International, doing scientific and academic editing, and taught courses in scientific writing and business English in the Ching Jiang Learning Center of National Chung Cheng University. He also writes exam questions for the Educational Testing Service (ETS).


Degree Year Major University Location
M.A. 2008 Science Education U. Michigan Ann Arbor MI
Ph.D. 1989 Plant Breeding Cornell U. Ithaca NY
M.A. 1983


U. Minnesota

St. Paul MN

B.A. 1976 Biology Wesleyan U. Middletown CT